Oxytocin [C43 H66 N12 O12 S2]

Oxytocin is a musical project featuring an all Harmonix roster. It’s goal is to push the boundaries of what is expected from Harmonix bands in both genre and complexity.

Oxytocin began with one simple idea: Let’s make something different.

That meant a few things at first:

  • Make a project that wasn’t rock based.
  • Use the best talent in Harmonix that didn’t rely on a traditional rock setup.
  • Make the project more collective-based.
  • Make the project completely free to the public.

Oxytocin achieves these criteria, by presenting the first Harmonix album that is based purely on hiphop and electronic music, featuring the talents of award winning, multi-album, multi-band artists that work within the halls of Harmonix. Oxytocin takes the non-traditional route further, by presenting an album that is completely continuous, and plays like a DJ Set/mixtape, brought to you by DJ RNDM.

The talent doesn’t stop there. Oxytocin includes artists who are achieving greatness in both the music and the videogame world, with game credits such as RockBand, GH, Bioshock, LOTRO, and music credits such as That Handsome Devil, The Hole Punch Generation, BQEZ, Lifted and many more. Developers by day, the Oxytocin crew spent hours of their spare time creating this album behind the scenes, out of their love for music, and the desrie to try something different.

Formed by Arthur Inasi AKA M-Cue, a sound designer at Harmonix, Oxytocin is the first collective based Harmonix album, and its hopefully just the beginning. The album is chock full of variety: Hiphop, Downtempo, Breakbeats, RnB, 8-Bit, Glitch, Ambient, Poetry and all the shades in between. The members of Harmonix all come from different walks of life, and all do different things within the walls of Harmonix: Sound Designers, Producers, QA, IT, etc. They all came together to make this possible.

Oxytocin is completely free to the public for download. The artists believe in the propagation of music. “Music has the power to make people come together, break apart, love, hate, question and accept. The power to make people from different paths meet on common ground. Thats what Oxytocin is all about. You can’t buy that stuff.”

M-Cue and the artists of Oxytocin would like to thank all involved in the materialization of this idea:

HMXSean, Fish, Jeff, Greg, Eric, Paul, the whole web and community team, the talented folks at The Factory Interactive, and all of you who download the album, and support independent music.


Oxytocin ::noun::

a chemical triggered in the human brain,

through bonding, social recognition, maternal behavior,

and the power of music.

All rights reserved.

Oxytocin is a private project. Harmonix and it’s partners cannot be held responsible for anything relating to the contents of this project. This is really just for everybody’s protection. All rights reserved

Home of the first Harmonix mixtape ever: Oxytocin.

Produced by M-Cue and spun by DJ RNDM, featuring the hottest talent out of the halls of Harmonix, and its

absolutely free! DOWNLOAD NOW!!!

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