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This isn’t me, what I’m becoming
He calls me to his bed
So I look down as I walk over to it
And I can’t tell you it’s a magnificent feeling
When all it is- is a few minutes of a good time
That later leaves me a little empty inside
Because we lack that energy
That two should feel when becoming one
But we’re still two. Separated. Not in the same zone
Just looking to get that edge off, so we
Meet and greet, about once a week
Make our business deal and call it a day
He goes his way and I go mine
Fulfillment fades after a very short time
And then I begin to wonder
Don’t I deserve more?
Then the next time comes around
He calls me to his bed
But I look down as I walk over to it
And I just can’t seem to break away
We’ve become too comfortable
Eight months too long to keep something so casual
But he’s available and well, so am I
Maybe I’ll just use him for what he’s worth
I can’t help that the last I loved left me in the desert
So now it’s time to think like a man
Fuck him, use him, never love him
If it hurts him, oh well, that’s all I can say
At least maybe he’ll learn how to treat the next lady
This isn’t me, what I’ve become
I call him to my bed
And I look down as he walks over to it
There’s no need to look into the eyes
Of someone I will never trust
He’s not my lover
He’s just another man



Who We Are

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