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Chili hails from the NW corner of America where under various rooftops the sound of raindrops woke him from his dreams of being a musician/producer into a world of actualization. By the age of 9, Chili learned to play the various instruments in the family music room. Sax, Flute, Drums, Guitar, Dulcimer, Piano. He learned by covering classic rock songs on guitar through a number of fake books he inherited.

After many hours in the music room with the old reel to reel recording himself impersonating the likes of Leon Russell and Cat Stevens for his hippie parents, he realized he had ideas of his own and started writing songs on the piano.

Like most kids that grew up in the Nintendo generation, he had a thirst for technology. Somewhere along the line, with a gentle push from his Father music and technology intertwined. He made his first beat on a Dr. Rhythm 660 and a Yamaha DX-7 synth. He had friends influencing him on anything from gangsta rap like Too Short to industrial noise like Skinny Puppy and Ministry.

Out of all that comes his wacky haunting style of beats. So when he’s not holding down IT at Harmonix he can usually be found behind a mess of gear and cables.

“Ludlow” Oxytocin @ Middlesex - 6/8/09 from Chili on Vimeo.

Chili - Middlesex 6/8/09 from Chili on Vimeo.

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