Marissa Flabouris (a.k.a. Ligeri)

Ligeri has been writing poetry and lyrics since a young age, having her first poem published at the age of eleven. While speaking her thoughts through ink and paper, she also has a passion for music. This is her first time stepping out into the scene and she plans to let everyone know what’s on her mind. She plays the keyboard and has created melodies to go along with her lyrics, but has yet to record anything.

Music was not something she took seriously until she made her way over to Harmonix, where she’s learned of different genres that expanded her mind to a higher level. After experiencing this, she gained a thirst for knowledge and decided it was time to go back to school to study audio production. After a taste from working on Oxytocin, she is creating a mini-studio to piece her own work together.

Ligeri comes from a Greek-American lifestyle. Born and raised in Lowell, Massachusetts, her surroundings and experiences have been her inspiration. A variety of music has been a heavy influence in her life, having grown up in a multi-cultural city.

You can expect to hear anything from spoken word over Hip-Hop beats to New Age, Greek, and plenty more from her. All with a fresh twist. Either way, the possibilities are endless and it’s safe to say this won’t be the last you hear of her.

“Perfect” Oxytocin @ Middlesex - 6/8/09 from Chili on Vimeo.

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