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Producer/Lyricist/Sound Designer

Birthed in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago; a heritage he holds dear. He began making albums at the age of 13, with just a dual cassette player and 1 speaker, with members of the original Ungie Clan, and his cousin Chromatics (his parallel to this day).

Tape loops turned to arrangements when he began making simple tracks on his Apple IIc. With the support of his family, he began learning guitar and piano, which set him on a path towards production. The rare “Corrupt Justice” was his final work before leaving Trinidad, to pursue a music education in the U.S.

Landing first in Miami, he began his education, while fronting the progressive rock band: “Sons of You”, who would go on to release 4 albums (Scar 1999, European 2000, Spiel 2001, Too Much Yves 2002) and march on tour throughout Germany. During this time he was a lead djembe and djun-djun player in African Drumming Troupe “Khakatay”.

Ever rising, he enrolled in Berklee College of Music, and once accepted, moved to Boston. There he performed with several acts (B Dub C, J.H.O (The Jazz Hip Hop Orchestra), Berklee Reggae Ensemble, Lifted, Raydar Ellis), released another 8 albums (Listen with Headphones 1 & 2 2002, Dirty 2003, Musikskool 2003, The Invisible Man 2004, High on Scraps EP 2004, We Kings EP 2005, Path Tactics 2005), and began fronting his own jazz hip-hop band BQEZ (BQEZ 2005).

He now plays guitar, piano, drums, bass, and vocals and will attempt to play pretty much anything you give him.

M-Cue also has a portfolio of instrumentals, entitled Menstrumentals, containing over 300 beats.

M-Cue has also been credited as a Sound Designer on the hit games Guitar Hero 2, Guitar Hero Rock The 80’s, Rock Band, Rock Band 2, ACDC Live Rock Band, The Beatles: Rock Band and a host of Track Packs and DLC.

While at Harmonix, he has done remixes for the hit band Anarchy Club, for their album “A Single Drop of Red“. Additional production and remix credits for other unannounced projects are yet to be released.

“Oxytocin is a labor of love for me. I’ve met so many talented people at Harmonix and really wanted to make something that showcased what we’re all doing behind the scenes. I want people to see that, at the end of the day, we just love making music, and not just rock music. Oxytocin is a tributary from the main stream of stuff that we put out, and something we wanted to share with the fans. Hope you enjoy it. Bless up!”

M-Cue released a new solo album in 2011 entitled “Time Boxing”. Available on bandcamp. Download it now!

“Say No” Oxytocin @ Middlesex - 6/8/09 from Chili on Vimeo.

“True Praise” Oxytocin @ Middlesex - 6/8/09 from Chili on Vimeo.

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