Naoko Takamoto (a.k.a Nay)

Nay A.K.A. Sh’naynay A.K.A. Naoko Takamoto A.K.A Plural

I get on everything I possibly can. Examples include: Plural, Sumantri, That Handsome Devil, The Ultrasonic Rock Orchestra, The Snowleopards, Balls, Cathy Cathodic, Bnus, and Thirstin Howl the 3rd. In most of these I’m just singing. Besides Oxytocin, I am only still actively involved in That Handsome Devil. I heart being in That Handsome Devil.

When you catch me solo, I will give you melodies, harmonies, and all the pop you secretly like but don’t want all your friends knowing about it. I try real hard to write about topics that songs don’t normally cover. If it’s something that’s been done to death, I’ll try to at least flip it a little. I’m fairly confident that people haven’t heard many songs about Sarah Palin, being tired of listening to people’s demos, or about a dominatrix who is trying to pass off a client. I just don’t feel like taking things too seriously. I’d rather have fun and say mean things.

I’m the Lead Producer on The Beatles: Rock Band (I know! I’m awesome!!). I started at Harmonix as a songwriter/singer for Amplitude. The song was called “Cool Baby”, it was supposed to sound like the game was really impressed with your skills and was hitting on you. I’ve worked on almost every Harmonix game since, as QA or Production.

I write a lot more email than songs lately, so I don’t pass up any opportunity to work on music, especially when the talented friends I work with ask me if I’m down. Behold the math skillz: Hip hop + electronic + R&B + Arthur x Beer = Of course I’m down.

You will love the album. I hope you enjoy my contribution. If you don’t like it, I will punch you in the face.



“Sarah” Oxytocin @ Middlesex - 6/8/09 from Chili on Vimeo.

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