Rob Lynch

Composer/Sound Designer

Games: Guitar Hero Rocks the 80’s, Rock Band, Rock Band 2, The Beatles Rock Band

While growing up in the south shore of Massachusetts, spending many childhood years playing Nintendo, Rob lynch began a musical relationship with 8-bit videogames. When he began to make electronic music in high school, his first inclination was to make sounds reminiscent of his old games.

As his techniques improved, he was able to more accurately recreate the 8-bit sounds of his childhood. In 2006, he released an album created entirely with NES Emulators under the pseudonym, Two Sheds.

In the years since, he has been expanding his musical style to incorporate a wider range of instruments and sounds, while still keeping it 8-bit at the core. With help from others, he performs his music live with an SNES controller and guitars.

Rob’s band Cathode Rays released an amazing 8-bit infused rock self-titled album in 2010. Available @ bandcamp, the best site to buy independent music from.

“Cathode Rays” Oxytocin @ Middlesex - 6/8/09 from Chili on Vimeo.

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